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promotional gifts and give-aways

Selecting the right promotional items for your brand is sometimes difficult, as there is such an enormous variety of options available. Our expertise in assisting you with this exercise makes your life so much easier. Contact us with your budget and general preferences, and sit back while we present a collection of choices sent to you with pricing and images with branding options. We offer a sample service if you’d like to see the product prior to making a decision.

From gifts to suit high-quality settings such as management desks, boardrooms and conference rooms to fun giveaways at events, Idea-Shack offers vast opportunities to keep your brand present in the minds of your customers as well as get your business logo and marketing message in front of a much wider audience.

Of course, it doesn’t end there – browse the full range of catalogs below and contact us today to get a quote within 24 hours.

drinkware, wine and food

water bottles

Idea-Shack is proud to join in the concern for the effect single-use plastic bottles have on the environment – improving our health and wellness is important and it’s something many businesses are taking seriously. BPA-free plastic water bottles and mugs are great for use by younger kids, sports events and the outdoors in general. More exclusive

Waterbottles – Metal

Waterbottles – Plastic

To view our full selection of waterbottle, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promotional Gifts & Giveaways Water Bottles

Mugs & flasks

Idea-Shack Branded Gifts & giveaways image

Custom-branded ceramic coffee mugs is a hugely popular promotional product and will always be well received by customers and staff, getting your brand noticed. Custom branded aluminium water bottles, thermal mugs and flasks make for an ideal promotional giveaway for executives and sales people on the go. Virtually unbreakable with a sleek shiny finish, branded metal drinkware is a great way to market your business effectively. Whether you require budget promotional mugs or double wall shakers or infusers, we are sure you’ll find something eye-catching in our extensive and exclusive set of catalogues.

Mugs – Ceramic

Mugs – Metal

Mugs – Plastic

To view our full selection of mugs & flasks, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways catalogs

bar accessories

Branded bar accessories are the perfect finishing touch for your pub, club, hotel or hospitality business. Idea-Shack offers branded bar equipment like promotional beer can holders and wine coolers, beautiful cork stoppers and custom wine sets, cocktail sets and branded hip flasks.

Branded coasters and printed bar mats protect desks and tables from hot mugs and dripping glasses, all the while getting your logo and message across, As giveaways at expo’s and events, these are great ways to keep your marketing campaign on display long after the event has passed.

Marketing your hospitality brand requires promotional items that you just won’t see anywhere else – see our catalogs for exclusive promotional wine and bar accessories to use as gifts or even as sell-able souvenirs, and send us your selection for a quotation with images and branding options within 24 hours.

Bar & Wine Accessories

Wine Holders

Wine Sets

Coasters & Bar Mats

To view our extensive range of Bar Accessories, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogs

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Bar Wine Image

Kitchen & food

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Kitchen & Food

A great selection of branded kitchen accessories can be customised with your business logo, so you can increase brand awareness every time your customer wants to play chef!  Corporate branded food gifts such as cheese knife sets, cutting boards, serving platters and novelty gimmicks are really great gifts to kit out your customers’ kitchen.

Cheese Knives

Knife sets

Table Top Accessories

To view our full range of Kitchen & Food products, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogs

travel & bags

travel accessories

See our range of promotional luggage tags, locks and straps. You can offer branded comfort for travelling clients and staff with eye masks and neck pillows, associating your brand with well-being. 

Branded Passport holders, travel wallets and plug adapters will ensure repeated exposure to your company’s logo and message. This will enable staff travelling for business or on holidays to spread the word about your business without even trying. 

Branded key holders have dominated the promo industry for years – frequent use and exposure to your brand ensures your message really hits home.

Luggage Locks

Luggage Straps

Luggage Tags

Eye Masks

Neck Pillows

Passport Holders

Travel Wallets

Travel Plug Adapters

Bottle Opener Key Chains

Metal Key Chains

Multi-functional Key Chains

Torch Key Chains

To view our full selection of travel accessories, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Travel Accessories

Bags & Backpacks

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Bags 1
Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Bags 3

Many business people consider their company laptop or tablet as their most important corporate possession. Keeping them safe and protected with our huge range of branded laptop bags, tablet cases and conference bags. Perfect to take to meetings, teambuilding activities, training exercises, corporate events and on the daily commute, printed business bags are great for showing off your logo while holding your important belongings. Branded messenger bags are also ideal for carrying documents, paperwork and laptops as your clients and staff travel to and from work. Logo bags are also great for schoolchildren and university students who want to keep their important books and files safe, promoting your business in the playground and on campus.

Promotional drawstring bags are one of the most popular choices to successfully market your brand. With a large print area, branded backpacks are perfect for getting your corporate logo noticed by a wide range of customers when used by schoolchildren, college pupils and university students.

Idea-Shack offers gift bags in a huge variety and styles. Full colour printed gift bags for filling with giveaways at events, expo’s and even as a great finishing touch to a company gift.  Create maximum impact by treating your customers with their goods in a reusable, branded budget or luxury shopping bags – ideal for supermarkets and shops that like to go the extra mile. Whether you’re an upmarket superstore or an exclusive boutique, send the right message for your brand with high-quality printed shopping bags.

Contact us with your preferences for a quotation with images and branding options within 24 hours.

Ball Carrier bags


Duffle Bags

Golf Bags

Gym Bags

Bags on Wheels

Laptop & Tablet Bags

Conference & Messenger Bags

Drawstring Bags

Gift bags

Shopper & Sling Bags

To view our complete selection of bags, please go to Bags & Backpacks Catalogs 



Memory sticks are available in various styles, finishes and colours and the huge range offers a lot more affordable storage, ready for printing in full colour or engraved. Great for passing out pre-loaded information or your company profile as a branded gift and a sure winner for training companies and conferences. Budget printed USB’s were rated the most wanted promotional giveaway in 2019.

Card Style USB

Glove Type USB

Key-shaped USB

Novelty USB

Silicone USB Wrist Bands

Swivel USB

USB Gift Sets

USB Hubs

USB Keyrings

USB Pens

To view our complete selection of USB’s, please go to Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogs

Idea-Shack Promo gifts & Giveaways USB 1

personal tech

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Personal Tech 1

We all know how frustrating it is when your phone or tablet gets to 10% battery – with the attractive range of branded power banks and car chargers your clients will feel valued using a life-saver from you, while you are promoting your business. Gifting branded personal devices and accessories such as Bluetooth GPS trackers, smart watches, pedometers, headphones and earphones and Bluetooth speakers to valued clients has the same effect. Utilising useful items repeatedly and being exposed to your brand every time is a marketing winner.

We are happy to introduce the fastest rising branded corporate gift of our age this year – VR Glasses have become surprisingly affordable as a high-end gift to selected executives. The marketing success of this gift is a result of the combination of the exciting experience and the origin of the excitement – you and your company, i.e. The Brand.

Car Chargers

Wireless Mobile Chargers

Bluetooth GPS Trackers

Smart Watches & Pedometers


Phone Chargers – wireless

Head Phones & Ear Phones

Speakers – Wireless & Bluetooth

VR Glasses

To view our full selection of Personal Tech, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

mobile phone accessories

Mobile phone accessories such as branded armbands for sportsmen, car mounts, selfie sticks and even budget branded screen cleaning kits have great appeal to everyone with a phone – see where we are going with this?

Mobile Phone Armbands

Mobile Phone Car Mounts

Screen Cleaning sets

Selfie Sticks

To view our full selection of mobile phone accessories, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Mobile PhoneAccessories

desktop computer accessories

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Desktop Accessories

Another popular, practical and affordable gift which exposes your client to your brand and message on a very regular basis, is the promotional mouse and mouse pad – seen every moment your client is at their desktop computer, it serves as maximum exposure for your brand.



To view our full selection of desktop computer accessories, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

office accessories & stationery


Promotional conference folders are very useful to office workers, sales professionals and students alike. Printed or embossed, personalised conference folders are reusable and refillable, meaning they can last for years, extending the brand awareness potential of your marketing investment.

A4 Range

A5 Range

Executive Range

Power bank Folders

Tablet Folders

Zippered Binders

To view our full selection of folders, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Folders 1


Idea-Shack Promo gifts & Giveaways Notebooks 1

Branded notebooks are super-popular as corporate gifts or promotional giveaways. A batch of custom-printed notebooks with beautifully embossed covers could make a practical hand-out for an executive meeting, and fun-branded notebooks are ideal as giveaways at conferences, expo’s or events. Whatever the purpose or occasion, promotional notebooks fit the bill perfectly.

Notebooks – A4 Range

Notebooks – A5 Range

Notebooks – A6 Range

Notebooks – Eco Range

Notebooks – Executive Range

To view our full selection of notebooks, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues


It has been said that the traditional diary is still preferable to a good percentage of the working population as a supplement to electronic scheduling. Branded diaries is one of the most popular year-end gifts, available in a range of sizes including A4, Executive size, A5 and pocket size, increasing brand awareness every time your customer sorts out their schedule.

A5 Diaries

A4 Diaries

Diaries – Executive Range

Management Size Diaries

Pocket Slimline Diaries

To view our full selection of diaries, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Diaries 1

office accessories & desktop items

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Desktop Office

Branded office stationery and desktop items offer repeated exposure to your brand, won’t break the bank and serves as a welcome gift to any working person. Available is an attractive variety of branded budget and executive options such as desk clocks, photo frames, paper weights desktop organisers and a true winner, the memo cube and sticky notes range.

Business Card Holders


Desktop Organizers

Memo Cubes & Sticky Note Sets

Paper weights

Photo Frames

To view our full selection of office accessories & desktop items, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

writing instruments

The catalogues below contain a vast range of plastic pens, metal pens, pencils, highlighters, art sets and fun desktop items. Additionally, at a time when the environment is a topic on everyone’s minds and in the media around the world, advertising your business on a very exciting eco-friendly range is a sure winner.

Art Sets

Colored Pencil Sets

Crayon Sets

Felt Tip Pens & Hi-lighters

Pens – Stylus

Pen & Pencil Gift Sets

Pens – Eco range

Pens – Executive

Pens – Metal

Pens – Promotional

To view our full selection of writing instruments, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Writing Instruments 1

outdoor, automotive & first-aid


Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Outdoor Coolers

Promotional cooler bags are very popular gifts to selected clients at outdoor events such as sporting events, golf days and corporate picnic outings. Idea-Shack has a wide range of branded foldable chair cooler combinations, picnic and lunch cooler bags and wine cooler bags available, made to be seen outdoors.

We have a great choice of isolating promotional lunch bags perfect for nutritionists, health companies and gyms – in fact, anyone involved in meal preparation. Your brand on these items ensures great exposure and awareness.

Cooler Backpacks

Cooler-Chair Combo’s

Lunch Cooler Range

Picnic Cooler Range

Trolley Cooler Range

To view our full selection of coolers picnic sets, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogs


See the catalogues below for the huge variety of promotional umbrellas and give your customers corporate gifts they can really make use of. We offer giveaway umbrellas for companies that are branding on a budget, and compact folding umbrellas for your client’s convenience. Sports companies can choose from our selection of branded golf umbrellas and large umbrellas that keep, and beach umbrellas are really popular towards year end.

Beach Range

Executive Range

Folding range

Golf Range

To view our full selection of umbrellas, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Umbrellas


Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Outdoor Braai

Branded aprons are popular gifts for the braai community – fun messaging combined with your logo and brand is undoubtedly a great budget giveaway. Please see our catalogues below for a range of great branded braai accessories and braai sets.


Braai Accessories

Braai Sets

To view our full selection of braai, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

chairs & ground cover

Ideal for golf days, expo’s and outdoor events, branded camping chairs, hammocks, stools and directors chairs make a great impact when combined with branded display items and backdrops.

Idea-Shack also offers branded beach mats and picnic blankets, great gifts when hosting outdoor events for clients to use later and enjoy the proven comfort your brand offers.

Camping Chairs

Hammock Beach Chairs

Outdoor Stools

Beach Mats

Picnic Blankets

To view our full selection of chairs & ground covers, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & giveaways Outdoor Chairs Groundcover


Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Outdoor Golf

Idea-Shack is proud to offer a host of branded gifts and giveaways for golf days and subsequent use afterwards. From clothing and golf bags to binoculars, golfing accessories, embroidered golf towels, golf ball sets and multifunctional golf tools to golf umbrellas and outdoor banners, flags, chairs and table cloths, we’ve got you covered.

Golf Accessories

Golf Towels

Multifunctional Golf Tool


To view our full selection of golf items, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

automotive & first Aid

Your clients will appreciate gifts which are purposeful, such as branded first aid kits, multi tools, knives and auto emergency tool sets. In addition, Idea-Shack offers a range of sun shades and boot organisers for their cars and flashlights and head lamps for emergencies. 

 First Aid Kits

Car Sun Shades

Boot Organizers


Head Lamps


Multi Tools

Tool Sets

Auto Emergency Tool sets

To view our full selection of automotive & first-aid items, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Outdoor Automotive

event giveaways & accessories


Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Event

Idea-Shack offers a huge range of branded budget corporate and event giveaways such as stress balls, stadium foam cushions and hands, hand clappers, thunder sticks, fidget spinners, vuvuzelas, printed lighters and balloons. Also personal care giveaways like branded lip balm, mints and sunglasses.

Foam Hands

Stadium foam Cushions


Hand Clappers

Stress Balls

Thunder Sticks

Fidget Spinners


Printed Lighters

Printed Balloons

To view our full selection of event giveaways, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

event accessories

At any corporate event such as a sports day, expo, golf day or conference, your business needs to identify visitors, officials, staff and volunteers. We offer a huge variety of branded lanyards, identity cards, name badges, arm bands, headwear and high-visibility vests.



Name Badges

To view our full selection of event accessories, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Event Accessories 1

trophies, medals & awards


Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Trophies

Idea-Shack offers an extensive range of traditional engraved and sand-blasted glass and metal trophies, as well as the more modern acrylic option.

Additionally we supply congratulatory giveaways (small trophies) to schools, clubs and offices to mark an employment anniversary, a sales achievement,  team sports victory or exam results success. 

Optical Glass Awards

Trophies – Acrylic

Trophies – Glass

Trophies – Novelty


Medals are available in various styles, metals and sizes, engraved with selected details and a range of ribbons in colour combinations.
To view our full selection of trophies & medals, please go to our Promo Gifts & Giveaways Catalogues

bottle your brand

When it comes to a healthy drink, nothing competes the benefits of water. Idea-Shack provides customised bottled water, a really clever marketing strategy – why sell other people’s branded bottles when you could be advertising and promoting your own business or event whilst keeping it healthy? 

Our in-house designers create label designs to match your requirements, and where necessary to your corporate identity guidelines. To match your company’s corporate colours as closely as possible, we also provide screw caps in a variety of colours. 

From the source to your own branded bottle in as little as 5 working days from approval of design. Also, because our custom-labelled bottled water is fresh for up to 12 months, you don’t have to use all of your stock in one go or buy small quantities at higher prices.

Idea-Shack offers a comprehensive event package – you will have the ability to match the bottled water labels to wine labels, place cards, seating charts and any other branded and printed items such as pens, memo pads, and goodie bags for the perfect event or celebration.

For more information on Bottling Your Brand, please Contact Us

Idea-Shack Promo Gifts & Giveaways Water Bottle Image