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10 Reasons to include Branded Promotional Products in your Marketing Campaign.

  1. 80% of Consumers own between 1 and 10 Promotional Products.
  2. 53% of Consumers use a Branded Promotional Product at least once a week.
  3. 48% of Consumers would like to receive Branded Promotional Products more often.
  4. Consumers hang onto Branded Promotional Products for an average of 6.6 Months.
  5. 63% of Consumers pass along Branded Promotional Products they no longer wish to use.
  6. 53% of the time, Branded Promotional Products create a more favourable impression of the advertiser.
  7. 77% of Consumers say a Branded Promotional Product’s usefulness is the number one reason to keep it.
  8. Top Branded Product Categories are Wearables, Writing Instruments, Bags, Calendars and Drinkware.
  9. Adding Branded Promotional Products to your Marketing Mix increases the effectiveness of other strategies by up to 44%.
  10. Branded Promotional Products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied Customers than an email message alone.


Computerized machine embroidery uses an embroidery machine which is controlled by a computerised program that will embroider stored patterns. 


Each new design is digitized once and stored to be used by the program’s software multiple times. Embroidery is the process of stitching your design into the garment using an industrial embroidery machine. Embroidery offers great durability and detail, but is not suited to gradient or fading designs. One of the main benefits of embroidery is that it is extremely long lasting. Not only is embroidery thread strong, but it also retains its colour very well. Computerised machine embroidery is used primarily for mass production and is perfect for companies that want their staff to have uniform with their company name or logo. You can embroider logos or designs on a wide range of different garments such as hats, polo’s, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets or bags.

Idea-Shack Branding Types Embroider
Idea-Shack Branding Types Direct Digital Print


Direct Digital Printing is a modern technique, which involves creating a digital print image by computer which is then printed directly onto the object/garment.


Ink in digital printing is applied directly to the surface by laser jet printer. It has become very popular, as it entails far less pre-press artwork, which makes substantially more cost-effective. Speed of turn-around makes it easy to print a range of different colours and duplicates photographic images accurately. The design sits flat on the print material without bulge.


Fabric Dye Sublimation is a method of printing that transfers a design onto the entire surface of the fabric using ink and heat.


 It offers whole garment prints which covers the entire garment – seam-to-seam. The print normally lasts longer than the fabric and won’t crack, peel or fade even after countless machine washes. Sublimation printing is only suitable for garments that include polyester. Unlimited colour options with a photo-quality print is possible at no extra cost i.e. maximum detail for complicated designs.

Idea-Shack Branding Types Heat transfer


Also referred to as Heatflex Printing, this is done with the aid of transferring a design from heat transfer paper onto a garment.

An image is printed on the paper and after that, the paper is placed on the t-shirt. A heat press is used to transfer the image from the paper, permanently embedding the design onto the fabric. Heat transfer designs are ideal for small orders – print on demand. Heat press print is quick and affordable without having to sacrifice quality.

In spite of the higher cost, the prints do fade away sooner than techniques which absorb ink into fabric. Garments printed through heat transfer methods are of high quality and they tend to have high resolution images.

Heat press methods can take you 2 to 3 minutes to print a single fabrics. If you are going to deal with complex color stature, then heat press will is ideal.


If you are looking to print a simple design or text then screen printing is the ideal method to choose.

Generally speaking, screen printing is best for artwork that has solid colour and isn’t photography based making it ideal for printing logos, company names or graphics. Gradients can also be achieved with screen printing and will leave you with a crisp, sharp design.

A great benefit of screen printing is that the more products you have to print, the lower the cost will be. Screen printed designs are typically much more durable than the likes of heat press or digital designs as the ink is absorbed by the material. The set up for screen printing involves imaging your design onto a fine-mesh screen which is then transferred onto the print material with ink.

However, for each colour/shape within your design a new screen is required. Therefore, application of multiple colours affects the cost.  Screen Printing is suited to simple designs but is not ideal for printing intricate, small-scale logo images. It remains the best option for affordable, single-colour branding.

Idea-Shack Branding types Screen Printing
Idea-Shack Branding Types debossing


Debossing is accomplished by imprinting a custom design or company logo below the original surface of the product.

The 3D embedded design that is achieved through debossing gives your product both dimensional depth and texture. Debossing can also be used in conjunction with printing or foil stamping for added design flair. This can take a custom accessory to another level in terms of sophistication and class.

 Debossed logos tend to be more simple and elegant than noisy. Debossing creates a truly permanent design that will last just as long as the product you are decorating. It does not work well across seams, hems, or zippers. 

Debossing is typically reserved for leather accessories and apparel like wallets, folders, luggage tags, briefcases and custom leather accents on promotional products like speakers and corporate gift sets. However, debossing can also be used on paper and cardstock materials, like those used in custom notebooks and journals. Because of the heat associated with the debossing process, it is not recommended to deboss fabrics or plastics.


Stickers are digitally printed on an adhesive vinyl in full-colour, automatically cut to the required shape and size and then coated with a polyurethane resin to give a three-dimensional appearance.

Dome stickers are constructed by a thin layer of Polyurethane resin being applied to a digital sticker, creating a 3D effect – stand-alone products include: dome stickers, name badges, key rings, zip pullers and more.

These are great labels to use for branding and for decorative needs. They are eye-catching because of the 3-dimensional appeal of the tag. They are durable since the urethane top acts as a protector and bumper, preventing scratches, fading, and discoloration to the label underneath.

Domed stickers may not be ideal for every product, but they are still one of the best options out there. As long as your product won’t be exposed to extreme heat or require a perfectly flat surface, domed label stickers may elevate your product’s identity and quality.

As one of the most popular forms of product labelling, these stickers are perfect for displaying your company logo or brand.

Idea=Shack Branding types Dome stickers
Idea-Shack Branding Types Foiling


Foil stamping is a metallic reflective finish that has the potential to transform conventionally printed promotional items, printing and packaging and bring them to life.

Foil stamping or most commonly known as foil application is mostly a commercial printing procedure where a metallic or pigmented foil is applied on to a solid surface by pressing a heated dye onto a foil and making it permanently stick to the surface and leave a design.

Most commonly used metallic foils are gold, silver, copper and holographic foils with availability of matte and gloss finished solid coloured foil rolls. A metallic shimmer makes products attention grabbing and uplifts the perceived value and quality of the product. Metallic foils leave a big visual impact with a shiny and luxurious finish and are comparatively affordable. When used effectively, not only will the product leap out at consumers from a visual perspective but it encourages them to engage with your product.

Foil stamping is often paired with debossing, which provides the product with a shiny 3D look and feel.


Make a lasting impression on your customers with personalised, laser engraved promotional materials.

Laser engraving allows for quick and easy permanent marking of personalised promotional products with any suitable material such as metal, wood, acrylic, textiles or glass allowing for efficient, faster and more cost-effective branding.

Laser Engraving (or Laser Etching) is a surface technology. The laser interacts with different types of material in different ways. 

Organic Materials such as Wood, the laser burns the surface of the material, almost like a very accurate branding iron. The depth can be varied and 3D effects can be created.

For Polymers such as Acrylic the laser vaporises part of the surface, changing its appearance.

For Metals, the normal method of marking is to use a YaG laser to alter the structure of the material surface. Coated metals are different – for example with painted brass the paint is removed for the image to appear as the metal beneath.


We produce stunning custom vinyl graphics, sticker printing and lettering and ensure a fast turnaround and high quality finish.

Give your wall and window graphics a unique touch for short-term promotions or permanent visuals.

Computer cut vinyl graphics are a low cost effective method of promoting your business. Ideal for boat graphics, vinyl vehicle graphics, outdoor signs, office signs, shop window displays. Vinyl printing is also used to create multi coloured signs and personalised stickers.

A sheet of white self adhesive vinyl is put into a printer and your image is printed onto the material. More or less the same as your desktop printer but much larger and using long life durable inks. Once your file has been printed onto the vinyl it is cut to shape. Large format digital printing is used to create eye catching displays.

Ideal for retail signage, sticker printing, vehicle graphics, outdoor signs and much more.